At First Sight Saturday


I hope you are enjoying cooler weather and glorious fall color, brought by the Autumn Equinox. After an especially hot summer bedeviled by wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest, I am more than happy to welcome fall and the rain it brings.

I also very happy to announce that I am a guest today on At First Sight Saturday, a blog by author Rue Allyn. In her post for this Saturday, Rue is kindly featuring my Regency romance, Lord Peter’s Page, which is now available for purchase on Amazon Books.

To give you an idea of what my book is about, here is a short blurb:

"The match between Baron Finbury’s daughter Charlotte and Lord Satterly seems ideal to everyone but Charlotte. She longs for Cyril, the older brother of a friend. Desperate to escape the arranged marriage, Charlotte runs away from her parent’s Mayfair home on the night of a grand soirée to announce her engagement.

Disguised as a boy, she stows away in a carriage bound for Bath, where her sympathetic aunt lives. At the reins is Lord Peter Randolph, son of the Duke of Wickersham, and his friend Geordie. Hidden in the carriage, Charlotte hopes to get to Bath undetected by the men, but a carriage accident and an unplanned night at an inn makes that plan go awry.

Lord Peter soon sees through her disguise, but not before “the boy” proves to be a hopeless assistant, unable to polish a boot or tie a cravat. When Lord Peter discovers his clumsy page is a young miss, he goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her reputation, even bringing home to his family’s estate where she is accused of stealing the family rubies.  

As Charlotte struggles to clear her name, she realizes the naïve affection she felt for Cyril is nothing compared to the passion she develops for Lord Peter. But is it too late for Lord Peter’s “page” to win his heart?"


For an excerpt from my story and more info, please visit Rue's blog, At First Saturday with Maureen Mackey.   

Happy reading!


  1. Wow! I am so excited for you. I am going to buy a copy and read it right away. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Kay, for your interest and your support! Stay tuned -- I have more books coming to Amazon.

  2. Your book sounds great, can't wait to read it!

    1. Thanks, Assunta! I hope you enjoy it - you might find that my heroine's determination and ingenuity makes her pretty modern for her time!


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