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Bad Romance – Caroline of Brunswick and the Prince Regent

Queen Caroline, 1820 by James Lonsdale British royal scandals are nothing new, and historically the month of August has seen its share of scandalous events among the nobility.  You may remember the summer of 1997 when the Princess Diana, recently divorced from Charles, the Prince of Wales, made headlines by dating Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian billionaire.  That summer the couple was photographed on Fayed’s yacht in the Mediterranean, a holiday that the tabloid press feasted on by publishing as many photos as they could obtain. But a month later on August 31 the couple’s summer idyll was cut short when their car, dogged by motorcycle-mounted paparazzi, crashed in a tunnel under the city of Paris. Both Dodi and Diana were killed. 1995 photo of Diana Two hundred years ago this month another princess also made news when she left England and a loveless marriage to travel abroad.  In August of 1814 Princess Caroline left England and her husband, the Prince Regen