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The Crown - Then and Now

Netflix's new series,  The Crown , is a visual treat for fans of English history. Starring Claire Foy (who played Anne Boleyn in  Wolf Hall ) as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith (a former  Doctor Who ) as Prince Philip, the show dramatizes how Elizabeth transforms from a young upper-class British wife and mother into a resolute sovereign. With some backstory thrown in for context (including the death of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, the abdication of her uncle, Edward VIII, and her wedding to Prince Philip), the first season covers the events and scandals of the early 1950s that shaped the initial years of Elizabeth’s reign. Ten episodes are streaming on Netflix now, and there’s hope of more to come. Coronation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II  and Prince Philip All the episodes are beautifully filmed (the production must have a lavish budget) and though it takes a while to build, the characters and their relationships to each other become increasingly well-dev