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Yikes - Vikings!

Germanic mythological figure of Boltar, produced by the artist/historian George S. Stuart and photographed by Peter d'Aprix. From the George S. Stuart Gallery of Historical Figures . Somehow while writing this blog I got on a press release list for the British Museum, which has been interesting. This spring the museum is hosting a major exhibition titled “Vikings: Life and Legend.” I doubt I’ll make it to London to see it. But this news caught my eye anyway, because like many people I’m fascinated by Vikings. These Norsemen were expert sailors and boat-builders, as well as pirates and mercenaries who raided neighboring lands. They pillaged monasteries in England, traded with the Muslim world and fought for the Byzantine Empire.  They eventually put down roots in the British Isles, Greenland, Iceland and even Canada, far away from their Scandinavian homeland.  Modern-day replica of a Viking ship. The English called these ships dragonships because of the fearsome