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Let's celebrate! There's a brand-new Jane Austen adaption airing on public television, a Regency-set story rich with all the details Regency fans love. This show really has it all. Snappy dialogue! Intrigue! Comedy! Gorgeous gowns and ballroom dancing! Studly heroes and beautiful heroines! And all that was just in the first two episodes of Season One, which made its U.S. debut last Sunday, January 12. Swimmers and bathing machines in 1800. (National Library of Wales) But this new version also has a few extra elements you might not expect - I certainly didn't. It includes scenes of nude sea-bathing, something men did while their female counterparts changed into swimming costumes using cumbersome "bathing machines," also shown in the show. There's even some implied sleazy sex - not graphic but unmistakable. This series is definitely a new take on a typical Jane Austen story. But then, this isn't a typical Jane Austen story, if there is