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Madame Récamier – Regency Fashion Icon

London got quite a shock in 1802 when the famous Madame Récamier crossed the English Channel for a visit. With one garden stroll, she turned heads and transformed women's fashion. In a moment I’ll describe how Madame Récamier rattled the beau monde . But first, here’s a little of her backstory: By the early 19th century Juliette Récamier was already a much-admired society hostess in Paris. Born in Lyon in 1777, in 1793 at the tender age of 15 she married Jacques-Rose Récamier, a banker almost 30 years her senior. (Récamier was related to renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, who is credited with being one of the world’s first food writers.) By most accounts, Juliette and Jacques had a happy marriage despite their age difference and the fact that it was apparently a completely platonic union. That may have been because, according to many sources, Jacques was actually Juliette’s father. It’s believed he married his illegitimate daughter to make her