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Boodle's Orange Fool

An Orange Fool - the dessert popularized by Boodle's (from Good to ) Christmas is the time of year that I like to forget about eating sensibly and make wonderful desserts. Homemade fruitcake and cookies, and peppermint ice cream slathered with chocolate sauce are on my naughty list. And while these treats might not have been popular during the Regency, those folks had their own go-to desserts.   Another type of orange fool! ( Keying Up - the Court Jester by William Merritt Chase, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) One such treat is an Orange Fool, associated with Boodle's, a private members club in  London that was  popular during the Regency period and is still active today. A book at the original club reveals that Edward Boodle, a head waiter at Almack's Assembly Rooms, took over the establishment not long after it opened and gave it his name.  Caricature of a member entering Boodle's in 1820, from The City of London website Fo