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Another Wedding and Gretna Green

Well, this weekend we’ll celebrate our second wedding this summer – another son is tying the knot, and we are about to gain another wonderful daughter-in-law. My husband and I thrilled about the way our family is growing. That doesn't mean, however, that the weddings themselves aren't a bit overwhelming at times. I believe that there comes a point in every run-up to a wedding that a fond parent almost wishes their child would simply elope. No fuss, no muss, and no scores of hand-tied wedding favors to make. Today’s couples who desire to skip an elaborate wedding may be tempted to flee to Las Vegas. During the Regency there was a similar escape plan, one that involved a town just over the Scottish border called Gretna Green. The border crossing at Gretna Green, photo by Val Vannet (Wikimedia Commons) Gretna Green became an attractive wedding destination for English couples as result of Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Act, which became law in 1754. The purpose