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Make a "fool" for April Fool's Day

Laughing Fool by a Netherlandish artist, circa 1500 Happy April Fool’s Day! In honor of the occasion I thought you might want to make a “fool” of your own.   A “fool” is an old-fashioned term for a pudding made of stewed or crushed fruit and cream and sugar. This recipe is for a fool from Boodles, a gentlemen’s club that was active during the Regency period and beyond. Located in St. James Street and founded in 1752 (though some sources say it was 1762), Boodles was named after the club’s original headwaiter, who squandered his inheritance. Boodles started as a political club, but soon became known as a very proper, scandal-free club, quite refined and somewhat stodgy. Members were expected to dress properly for dinner, servants wore black knee breeches, and coins were reportedly boiled before being handed to members. The 5 th duke of Devonshire and 18 th century Whig politician Charles Fox belonged to Boodles. In more modern times, Ian Fleming, author of the James B