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Regency Superhero: The Duke of Wellington

Superhero movies have been big box office lately, especially with this summer’s blockbuster Man of Steel, the latest retelling of the Superman legend. Earlier this year Ironman 3 capitalized on the success of Ironman 1 and 2, and movies based on other DC and Marvel comic book heroes such as Spiderman, the Avengers, Batman and Thor have been widely successful as well.   Though there was no caped crusader coming to the rescue of London during the Regency, the period did have its superheroes, and like the comic book heroes I referenced these men were regarded by the populace as saviors. Chief among these was Arthur Wellesley, better known as the Duke of Wellington. Born in Ireland in 1769, young Arthur joined the British Army as an ensign in 1787 and went on to play a key role in the Peninsular Wars, rising eventually to the rank of Field Marshall.   Under his leadership the French were defeated at the Battle of Vitoria in 1813, and that victory earned him a dukedom.