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Blonde Like Me: Hair Coloring During the Regency

A few days ago I asked my hairstylist to put a highlights in my hair. I’ve had highlights before, but they were so subtle I almost couldn’t see them. And I’ve used a color-depositing shampoo to make my strawberry-blonde hair a bit more strawberry.  
So I’m not a complete hair color virgin.
But the highlights made my hair blonder than it’s been since I was little girl growing up in sun-drenched Southern California. And the experience got me thinking about the history of hair color, during the Regency and beyond.

I discovered that people have been coloring their hair for a long, long time. Historians have found over a hundred recipes that ancient Romans used to bleach or dye their hair.
Viking men dyed their beards blond, which makes me wonder about Thor’s true hair color. Roman men used a lead comb dipped in vinegar to darken their facial hair when it turned gray. It worked, but the lead had pesky side effects they didn’t know about, such as kidney failure and death.
In ancient Greece wo…